Contact & Ownership Information

Floorwindo International B.V.
Trade name: Windo Displays

Windo Displays Global Headquarters

Lulofsstraat 55 – Unit 33
2521 AL The Hague
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)30 2416 883
VAT/BTW.: NL800164830B01
CoC/KvK: 30102833

Windo Displays was established in 1994 under the name Floorwindo International B.V. For more than 20 years, Windo Displays have been influencing shopping behaviour from the moment the customer enters the store to the checkout. We ensure that your in-store brand message stands out where it really matters. As one of the pioneers of floor advertising, Windo Displays is proud to present the newest innovations for in-store communication.

We offer:

• Innovative display products
• High quality and exceptional design
• Professional advice and customer service

Green through innovation

Windo Displays prides itself as being a supplier of innovative and reusable display products that provide our customers with sustainable solutions to help build brand awareness and drive sales. Our product innovations are a delicate mix of design and manufacturing to create responsible display products enabling our customers to continuously renew their advertising campaigns with a minimal cost to the environment. Download or view the Windo Displays Green Through Innovation document here.