Instructions for Use, Assembly and Maintenance

“If the instructions for use, assembly and maintenance are not carried out, Windo® Displays, the manufacturer and its distributors are not liable. Windo® Displays, its distributors and the manufactu- rer are never liable for indirect damages”.

  • Please ensure that the ink on the printed poster is completely dry (at least 24 hours) before inserting into display.
  • Place only on a dustfree and flat surface.
  • Use in dry conditions only.

All Windo® displays can be cleaned with a damp microfiber cloth, if needed in combination with a non-aggressive cleaning product. A good (glass) cleaning spray, applied with a damp microfiber cloth, is ideal. Apply an adequate amount of pressure, applying to much force might scratch your product. Remove dust from the bottom side for maximum slip-resistance.

Water: For a general light cleaning, use only water and preferably applied with a standard spray bottle. Use a clean microfiber cloth to make clean.  

Light alcohol based cleaning agents: If the window has become dirty or greasy, use a light alcohol based cleaning agent such as Glassex or a common floor cleaning solution. Make sure that the window is properly dried with a clean dry cloth as a wet and slippery residue could be left behind from cleaning solutions.

Degreasers: Degreasers such as soap are only recommended as long ast the window is properly rinsed with water. If soap residue remains in the window CleargriP© texture, the surface can become slippery. Use a cleaning spirit to remove the residue.

Bleach: Absolutely no bleach should be used to clean the window.

Tips for FloorWindo® Placement: Windo Displays recommends to place the FloorWindo® just outside of high-traffic walking areas. This will help increase the life of the FloorWindo® while still creating maximum impact for your advertising message.

Clean the Windo® display on a regular basis, your advertising message deserves it!